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Puppy School

It is important for puppies to be trained and socialised between 8 and 18 weeks old, as this is the time when it is quickest and easiest for them to learn and absorb new information. Puppy Preschool is important at this age, as it helps expose them to as many new experiences in a safe and controlled environment as possible. It also exposes them to different breeds and allows them to adjust to and communicate with each other. Puppy Preschool also enables puppies to learn to be calm around other dogs, and balance excited play behaviour with calm, quiet activities. Information leaflet

At Puppy Preschool, we aim to:

What we cover:

  • Provide socialisation and training for a well-behaved puppy through to adulthood
  • Help you identify and prevent potential behavioural problems, such as barking, biting and jumping
  • Provide basic obedience training
  • Allow socialisation with other puppies and people in a safe and fun environment
  • Help your puppy become familiar with the veterinary clinic, and help reduce anxiety and stress for future visits
  • Basic canine communication
  • Common issues (such as digging and jumping)
  • Toilet training and sleeping through the night
  • Basic commands, such as sit, stay, drop, come and walking on a lead
  • Handling and grooming
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Environmental enrichment – ways to keep your puppy happy and stimulated
  • Healthcare and nutrition advice
  • Ways to help your puppy adjust to their new life with you
  • The importance of controlled interaction

To attend, your puppy will need to have had their first vaccination to make sure everyone is protected.

Puppy Preschool classes are run by our vet nurses, who are highly trained and experienced in dog handling and behavior.

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