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Pet Behavior consult

How to solve a pet behavioural problem:

1. Come in for one of our pet behaviour consultations to assess your pet’s behaviour and determine the underlying cause
2. Implement our recommended therapies appropriate for correcting or treating your pet’s behaviour
3. Follow up after your pet’s behaviour consultation/s to ensure your pet is on track and all issues are being resolved

Unwanted pet behaviour can be due to a variety of causes, so behaviour consultations are very important and can be very influential in managing your pet’s health and behavioural habits. In just 30 minutes, your pet will receive a full health examination. After we have eliminated the possibility of any underlying medical issues, we will then do our best to become familiar with your pet, your lifestyle and their behaviour at home to deliver the most accurate diagnosis and most appropriate treatment process possible.

Following your pet’s behaviour consultations, we will provide you with a full report with behaviour and training recommendations to have your problem solved.

Pet behaviours that can be managed include:

  • Aggression, biting and mouthing
  • Barking, howling and crying
  • Boredom and destruction
  • Noise phobias
  • Separation anxiety
  • House-soiling
  • Escaping and roaming
  • Aggression towards and/ or jealousy of a new puppy or other pet