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Belmont Road Grooming Service

Style Trim or Breed Standard Trim

from $69.80 (small dogs)

Short or long? Choose the length you would like on your pet’s body, we can then style your pet’s face to suit. For example a teddy bear cut, moustache, Mohawk, etc.  We also do standard breed trims e.g. Westie, Schnauzer, Poodle.


  • Relaxing Hydrobath and fluffy blow dryBreed Cut Grooming
  • Style and trim of coat
  • Tidy of delicate areas and paws
  • Ears cleaned, nails clipped
  • Finishing with a spray of perfume.

Comfort Tidy Up 

from $51.60 (small dogs)


  • Relaxing hydrobath and refreshing blow dry.
  • Tidy of delicate areas, face and paws
  • Ears cleaned and nails clipped
  • Finishing with a spray of perfume.

Turbo De-Shed & Blow Dry

From $63.50 (small dogs)

deshed groomingThis treatment is ideal for double coated breeds e.g. Husky, Malamute, Border Collie, Golden        Retriever or Pomeranian)


  • Refreshing hand bath with special shampoo to loosen undercoat and fluffy blow dry
  • Strip out of loose undercoat
  • Ears cleaned and nails clipped
  • Finishing with a spray of perfume.

Your pet will feel clean and revitalized and your house hair free.

Refreshing Bath and Fluffy Blow Dry

From $31.70 (small dogs)


  • Refreshing hand bath and fluffy blow dry.
  • Removing tangles from the coat
  • clip nails and clean ears.

Finishing with a spray of perfume

dog bathing salon groomer

Complimentary Puppy Session!

A Refreshing bath with a Fluffy Blow dry and a tasty treat to finish off. One free  session for puppies up to 20 weeks.

Available to new clients of Belmont Road Vet at the first visit.

Not to be used in conjunction with a haircut

 Warm Bath & Towel Dry

From $25.40 (small dogs)


  • Relaxing hydrobath followed by towel drying ears cleaned and nails clipped
  • Finished with a spray of perfume