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Cat Friendly Consultations

Cat Friendly Consultations

We love cats!

Cats are highly sensitive to sights, smells and sounds, particularly in an unfamiliar setting. We understand bringing your cat to the vet can be stressful and, for this reason, we have dedicated one of our examination rooms entirely to cats!

We aim to ensure a visit to our clinic is as stress-free for you and your cat as possible. With our vets’ empathetic, caring manner, and a little added help from feline pheromones, your cat is sure to relax and have a calm and peaceful experience with us here at Belmont Road Vet Clinic. When you arrive at our clinic, we welcome you to wait in the consultation room, giving your cat a chance to calm down, come out of their carrier and get a feel for the situation and setting in front of them.

Our vets and nurses are experienced in handling techniques and will treat your cat with the care and respect they deserve. Minimal restraint is best for most cats if given time to adapt to the situation. We aim not to rush any procedure with a cat and to do as much of the consult as possible in the cat examination room. Reducing stress for cats directly impacts their healing and rehabilitation times and is therefore very important to consider.

Our cat-friendly staff can provide everything your cat needs with the best care possible.

To ease distress from the carrier and car trip:

  • Ensure your carrier is sturdy – cats feel more secure in sturdy carriers.
  • Do not feed your cat before the vet visit – this lessens the chances of vomiting in the car and they may be more interested in treats offered by the vet or nurse.
  • Keep the carrier in the house where the cat can have constant access to it. Allow your cat to sleep in the carrier, put comfortable bedding in and offer food or treats in the carrier. The carrier will no longer induce fear and the cat will feel more content in a familiar enclosure.
  • Spray your carrier and car with Feliway, a synthetic pheromone that reduces anxiety in cats.
  • Cover the carrier with a towel or blanket to allow your cat to hide and to prevent them feeling anxious or unsettled by unfamiliar animals or people